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Tony Tasca, PhD — United States

Anthony "Tony" Tasca is Emeritus Chairman of Louis Allen Worldwide. He has over 25 years of experience in general management, and extensive experience in organization effectiveness and human resources consulting. His clients include over 400 organizations from a variety of industries such as banking, biotechnology, defense, insurance, high technology, home building, life sciences, publishing, real estate, and telecommunications.

In 1999 he was instrumental in acquiring Louis Allen Associates, Inc., recently renamed Louis Allen Worldwide, Inc. He founded ODA International, Inc., an organization effectiveness consulting company, acquired by ORC Worldwide in 1981, where he was Vice President of the Organization Effectiveness practice area. Prior to ODA, for seven years he held HR management positions at Control Data Corporation. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in organization behavior at the University of Brasilia, Kent State University, San Jose State University, and the University of San Francisco.

Tony has developed a number of consulting tools and methodologies including strategy-based planning, workforce planning, and human resources auditing, as well as a portfolio of organization assessment surveys. He is co-author of a six-module learning program for internal consultants, and he has published in the ASTD Journal, Bureau of National Affairs, Personnel Journal, and the Michigan Management Review.

Tony holds a Ph.D. in Organization behavior from the Union Institute and University and a B.S. in Industrial Relations from San Jose State University. He has completed the UCLA Executive program and the National Training Laboratories (NTL) Graduate Students Program in the Behavioral Sciences.