Our team

great people

People are the heart of any business, more so at Louis Allen Worldwide. Why? Because we help people and organizations change. Nothing requires more heart.

People with Heart

No work is more people-oriented than ours. That's why we have only the best at Louis Allen. Our people and partners are solid and experienced. We do not believe in fad and flash, but in thoughtful, knowledgeable experience that has "been there, done that" in helping managers and organizations execute more effectively.

Our people have advanced degrees, but we do not field a flock of ivory-tower PhDs or hot-shot rookie MBAs. Our senior people have worked in business and consulted for the world’s best companies for years. Our more junior people will impress you with their maturity.

Despite our experience and success, we do not consider ourselves "gurus.” We believe our methods are the real star at Louis Allen. But methods do not speak for themselves. Methods require people who know how to ask good questions, how to understand the real issues, and how to confidently offer the approach that will apply our methods most effectively.

Most importantly, our people are the kind of consultants you like to work with because they treat you as partners, not as meal-tickets. Our people take you and your needs to heart.